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Shanna's Texas Blue Amun

Sharifa van Ashamta

Octavia Thurina van Ashamta

After being ill a long time we finally had to sent her over the rainbow bridge. We will miss her always.

On Thursday the 12 of september we had to say goodbye to our little girls Sharifa. 24 hours after she got sick we had to let her walk the rainbowbridge. We will miss her.

On the 17th of july Octavia Thurina van Ashamta walked over the rainbow bridge. She is the mother of 4 nine day old kittens and she died because of a ruptured c-section. We miss her very much.

Taleta van Ashamta

Defy van Ashamta

Paris van Ashamta

On the 28th of October Talata walked the green mile. Due to gingevitis from which she suffered for some time  she developed kidney failure and we had to let her go.

On the 7th of January  2013 we had to make a very hard decision to let Defy go. She had an inoperable tumor in her cheek. We will miss her joyfull personality for ever.

On the 6th of June 2013 we had to say goodbye to Paris. She had been ill for quite some time and in spite of a long fight to recovery she didn't make it.

Carry Through Sammy Jo's Nefertari

Koontucky Hesperia


On 27-11-2015 Auro went to the vet for a simple spaying. To our horror she died on the operating table even before the operation started. She got some kind of reaction yo the aenestetic and the vet was unable to revive her. It was a big shock for us and we and our other cats will miss her very much.


On 2-10-2018 Blossom started her Last walk over the rainbowbridge. She was an exeptional sweet cat and we will miss her very much.

On 8-10-2018 we unexpectedly lost our Masika. She suffered from a kidney tumor which was inoperable. We will miss our lovly girl a lot.

On 11-12-2018 we lost Nephtys. She will join her daughter Masika who we lost in october. She had several inoperable tumors  We will miss our strange and funny little girl a lot.

Today (24-7-2020 om 17|:25 hours) an era came to an end. Koontucky Osiris our beloved first breeding male and our long time companion began his walk over the rainbowbridge. He was almost 17,5 years old. We will miss him greatly.


On the 31 of August 2020 we lost  Amshula's Imani h e was only 10 years and died due to colon cancer. Yest over a mont ago we had to say goodbye to his father Koontucky Osiris.

On the 9 th of  November 2022 we suddenly lost Olympia it was totally unexpected . We will miss her very much.

On the 8 of December 2022 we had to sya goodbye to  Felicia. She had been sick for a while.

On 20-1-2023 Cooniy zuleikha made her final walk over th erainbowbridge. Her kidneys and liver were failing.

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